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Gospel of John Study Guide August 26, 2008

Here are 2 great links that will help you learn the book of John in your spare time:

The games are addicting! You can win Money!!!(pretend of course)

Here are the questions and answers we will be reviewing in class:


9 Responses to “Gospel of John Study Guide”

  1. Anna Mckoin Says:

    Hey Jason!! just wonderin ’bout those questions 4 Bible bowl!!!

  2. Sydni Sanders Says:

    hey jason!!! GO LSU!!!!

  3. Jason Barnard Says:

    Geaux!!!! Sydni !!!

    I hope you found the questions! It has been a joy to have both of you in my class.

  4. Claire Says:

    hey i was printing the questions. . . . . . then my printer ran out of ink cause there was sooooooo much. did u come up with those questions??

  5. Amanda Says:

    Hey I made the $1,000,000!!! See ya!

  6. claire Says:

    HEY!!!!! ITS ME AGAIN!!!!! i just won 1,000,000 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    O YEAH!!!! TTYL

  7. Wuz up Great White Cracker! Do you know what chapters we are supposed to be studying?

  8. Jason Barnard Says:

    Yo Terrible T

    Good job today! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. caroline ray Says:

    Hey Jason!!!!!! I Printed out ch.6-9 today with the help of Aeropostellie….because i was really confused!!! lol well ill ttyl!!!! Thanks for everything!!! Your the best!

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